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When the returns from investing in an asset exceed the rate of inflation, it is considered to be a good hedge. Investors with increasing expectations about inflation are investing in real estate properties right now.

What are your dreams?

Watch a short video, compliments of Simple Truths.

I'm sure that part of your dreams includes "wealth", but how do you define "wealth" - it means different things to different people?

RP Investments is a company that brings investors together to create wealth, whatever wealth means to them, so that they can live the life of their dreams.

This may not be right for you, but maybe you know someone that would like a great return on their money?

Not sure if our program would be right for you and would like more information?

Contact us, and we can schedule a call or meeting to discuss this further.


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RP Investments: Creating wealth for our exclusive Property Investment Community investors through land, residential, and commercial multi-family properties in emerging US real estate markets.

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Frustrated with losses on the stock market or tired of the meager returns from savings, CD's, mutual funds?.......

RP Investments, LLC
brings together like minded investors, forming Property Investment Communities to purchase properties in US residential markets that create positive cash flow and positive appreciation.  Having created systems to obtain great deals through tax liens/deeds, foreclosures, and purchasing apartment buildings at the opportune time,  we help individuals, such as you, invest wisely in safe appreciating and income-producing properties.
Did you ever think "There will never be a good time to invest in real estate again"?
Every investor knows that real estate should part of their total portfolio. Now is the time where Opportunity Is Knocking At the Door. We have a portfolio of land and homes that are for sale, where we specialize in bringing sellers and investors together, as well as developing a good portfolio of apartment units.
Did you ever think "I would love to invest in large apartment buildings, but I can't afford them"?
Every investor knows that real estate should part of their total portfolio. Over the last year, we have designed several attractive programs to work with investors so that you can share in the wealth. Before we begin, we evaluate your investment objectives with our strategies to ensure we can meet your goals.

Why Apartment Buildings?
Benefits include:
  • Physical entity as opposed to paper investments.
  • Less risk due to economies of scale.
  • Full control of the investments, as compared to single homes, stocks, etc.
  • Professionally managed by RPI Asset Managers and local Property Managers.
  • Positive cash flow from Day One, continuing monthly to the final sale.
  • Higher returns and tax deductions.
  • Positive appreciation in US emerging markets.
Why RPI and Apartment Buildings?
Benefits include:
  • Unlike REIT's that use "blind pooling", RPI provides a Package Deal with Full Transparency including PPM's and CPA audits.
  • Full research and due diligence on the emerging market, financial, and physical assets.
  • Updates provided by Asset Manager every quarter via teleconference.
  • Cash flow distributed quarterly and on the sale in 3-5 years.
  • Low asset management fee.
  • Wide experience in real estate transactions and investments.

To maintain our unique services, we've created a dynamic group of partners with experience in the following business structure:

RPI Organization

Core Focus
Apartment 1Apartment 2
The core of the company’s business model revolves around creating key relationships and building professional Regional Business Teams within a variety of developing real estate cities across the country.
At any given time, the company’s network of Regional Business Teams are growing as more developing markets are identified and refined. We are presently infiltrating developing markets within the US that have been identified to present the highest level of value and return for RP Investments and its investors through positive cash-flow and positive appreciation.
RPI Portfolio Management
Cash On Cash Return
Once a property is purchased, RPI has Asset Managers to realistically assess the current market position for any changes. Our Asset Managers are responsible for developing strategies to increase the net benefit of the property, minimize tax and risk of liability, track and adjust to market timing and free our investors from the day to day involvement while keeping them fully informed on the teleconference call every quarter on their investment. Yes - our Asset Managers maintain contact with each Property Investment Community every quarter to discuss the current details and answer questions on their investment. The goal of the Asset Manager is to add value to the ownership experience of investment in real estate through these regular updates.
RP Investments is here to assist you capitalize on the wealth found in Tax Liens/Deeds, Foreclosure Acquisition, or Apartment Buildings without the hassle of being a landlord.
Make the most of your investments today.
Utilize the knowledge and resources of RP Investments
and we'll schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss
how you too can invest in this exciting market.

RP Investments, LLC

Bob Yeomans, Managing Member 

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RP Investments, LLC
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